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Rants, Ramblings, and Reblogs by Meggie, a quirky twenty-something-year-old, coffee addicted FIber Art graduate in Arizona.

Megan is number 3 of 4 of her siblings and a Sagittarius.

Someday she will be an amazing artist living in California where she can be near the sea.

Reposts of stuff I find interesting and/or inspiring. Or something Doctor Who related. Or Disney.

Favorite music includes Blue October, Flogging Molly, Rammstein, Mumford & Sons, and more, including mash-ups. But, no Country. Sorry.

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6 May 13
First knitted sweater! Aidez by Berroco. #fibers #fiberart #knitting #yarn #berroco #aidez

First knitted sweater! Aidez by Berroco. #fibers #fiberart #knitting #yarn #berroco #aidez

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    This is stunning! What yarn did you use?
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